Soul Connected Crystal Kits

Crystal Kits= GOOD Vibrations

Personally curated by me, The Soul Connected Mama crystal kits are a wonderful way to add the power of crystals to your daily wellness routine! As a Certified Reiki & Meditation Practitioner, crystals play an important role in the work that I do with my clients, as well as my personal self care rituals. These beauties are the "energetic jewels" that I use daily for everything from clearing my energy field to getting rid of a headache :-). Each month, we will release a new crystal kit for you to enjoy, along with the deets about these energetic beauties and how they can help you RAISE YOUR VIBRATION!


Each Crystal Kit Includes:

Crystal of the Month (hand selected by me).

- Mini Palo Santo Incense: Think of this as your "energetic" housekeeper. It clears your space of the bad juju, and welcomes in all the GOOD stuff!

- Mantra card: Use during your meditation sessions to help you "call in" the things in your life that serve you towards your highest good...or release the things that keep you from it!

- Organic, hand poured candle from one of my favorite candle shops, Yo Soy Candles!

- Velvet pouch to house all of your goodies <3.



Atlanta, GA | USA

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