Miya's Story

14 years ago, I was blessed with a beautiful daughter who we named Miya. As if motherhood the first time around wasn’t scary enough, imagine what it felt like to be a first-time mom of a preemie. Weighing in at less than a pound and a half, Miya was the smallest preemie in the NICU at the hospital where she was born. Knowing how delicate her skin was, I became obsessed with sourcing products that were organic, natural, and didn’t have the usual list of complicated ingredients that most products at the time contained. Little did I know how difficult that task would be! When I didn’t have success finding the types of products that I wanted, I did what any well-meaning mom would do…created my own! Miya Organics was born in the small kitchen of my home more than 14 years ago, and the process that I used all those years ago to create products for my family, is the same process that I use today. We use sustainable, organic, botanical ingredients in all of our products, which contain 6 ingredients or less. We only source the highest quality, therapeutic grade ingredients from our suppliers, and believe in the power of infusing lots of love and soul into everything that we create! As an Usui & Crystal Reiki Master, I LOVE infusing the energy of crystals into our products and sharing the power of these healing modalities with my clients. I have always enjoyed the ritualistic nature of bath time, and my goal is to develop products that my clients can use to create their own rituals and usher more peace and joy into their lives.

10% of our sales are donated to domestic and international organizations that support special needs children and adults. Here are just a few of the organizations that we support:

- Advancing Opportunites, Inc.

- The Arc Alliance, Inc.

- Legacy of Hope Foundation


Atlanta, GA | USA

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