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The Struggle is Definitely Real!

I'm exhausted! Although writing those words is difficult in itself for this self proclaimed "Soul Connected Mama," it is definitely my reality at the moment. When most people find out that I own a wellness practice for mamas, they assume that I lead this perfectly crafted life, filling my days with endless yoga and meditation sessions, while sipping on my favorite Yogi tea, and chattin' it up with my clients! It even came up in conversation with a friend recently who said that she envied my life because of my ability to beautifully balance everything! I immediately jumped in...mid sentence...and politely said "You envy what?"

After ending that conversation in tears, while attempting to explain the things that I struggle with on a daily basis, I took some MAJOR action and decided to STEP away for a moment. Now anyone who knows me is well aware of the fact that I live my life at an INSANE pace spreading myself between mamahood, 5AM wake up calls, my hubs, working full time, and my side hustle. It isn't an easy balance, and after going full speed, working 7 days a week for more than a year, I desperately needed to hit the reset button.

The craziest part about this brief sabbatical that I took from social media and seeing clients, is that I clearly had NO idea just how depleted I was! I took naps on the weekends (sometimes 2 a day), which I NEVER do, stayed in bed until 11AM on a Saturday, did yoga in my living room instead of the studio, bought a beautiful new journal, danced to music from our wedding playlist, wrote a couple of new chapters for my yet-to-be-titled book and finally starting reading the stack of books that decorated my night stand. Instead of spending 10-12 hours on Saturday and Sunday, working on my wellness practice, I went to dinner with my family and had a much needed date night with my husband. I finally started PRACTICING what I PREACH!

The lesson in my own journey is this....stepping away and taking care of yourself is not's necessary. When we take a moment to re-calibrate and get in tune with our own needs, it allows us to show up for ourselves and others from a place of clarity, not a place of depletion. It's okay to say no, step away from social media, clear you calendar, or turn your phone off for a day. It is those moments, when we silence the external noise and connect with our internal compass that we find golden nuggets of wisdom that allow us to come back stronger and clearer than ever.

Think about one thing that you can do this week to be more intentional about your own self care, and HOP on over to our FACEBOOK group & SHARE! Can't wait to read your responses!




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